15KM to support Quber Start-up

Accelerator 15KM has collaborated with Project Quber. Together they will work towards the establishment of the intended organization to bring Quber to the consumer market.

When 15KM received a pitch by Quber, we were rather puzzled about the intended concept. We where handed an object what seemed to be nothing more than a regular wooden cube. Was this the so called innovative concept we came to see? We where expecting high potential startup. After we turned the Qube around, we soon found there was much more to this cube than we expected. A whole new concept started to unravel. One that was as simple as it was clever.

We put it threw the initial test to uncover the viability and potential of Quber. Questions such as: Is it scalable? Does it have impact? Does it fill a need? Would people want to have it? Is there a good business plan? Are the right people involved? The overall answer was YES!

The question if 15KM would support Quber as startup was answered. Now we needed to figure out how. But with the concept being clearly defined as it was just fun to get started.  We want to communicate the story of Quber and help this company get funded, supported and accelerate it into future market, where it belongs.

Nothing fits the Quber concept more than the term social media. But not like we are used to. Quber connects a physical object with an online social platform.  And its the object that goes on an adventure. Connecting people and cultures from all over the world. We feel we are just touching the tip of the iceberg, as the possibilities are endless. We are still puzzled, but only by its potential.

These first 10 experimental Qubes have the full support of 15KM. We are cheering for them and we will follow their journey with great anticipation, just as with the entire project!


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