The Journey - Day 17

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Qubr Gallery

"Life is either a thrilling adventure or nothing at all"

The Qubes

The 10 bravest Qubes have been selected for this daring adventure
  • Qube 1

    A.K.A Amilia Earhart
  • Qube 2

    A.K.A. Francis Drake
  • Qube 3

    A.K.A Irving Johnson
  • Qube 4

    A.K.A Robert Fitzroy
  • Qube 5

    A.K.A. Joshua Slocum
  • Qube 6

    A.K.A. Juan Sebastián Elcano
  • Qube 7

    A.K.A. Jean Baret
  • Qube 8

    A.K.A. Woodes Rogers
  • Qube 9

    A.K.A. James Cook
  • Qube 10

    A.K.A. John Byron

Project Quber

From experiment to product

Together we celebrate diversity, as the biggest adventure is found within the unknown. Dream, explore and travel beyond your imagination. Embrace the unpredictable, ignore all boundaries. If you discover the world with Qubr –  Anything can happen.

We are creating a future in which anyone in the world should be able to start their own Qubr adventure, whatever its mission might be. 


In 1522 Juan Sebsatian Elcano was the first to succesfully circumnavigate the world  

Now you know

What we plan to do

  • Play and repeat "Eye of the Tiger"
  • Launch Quber Experiment
  • Partner-up with the right people
  • Run Kickass Crowdfund Campaign
  • Get funded
  • Develop Quber 1.0
  • Send Qubes to customers

And we can use your help in every step of the process! If you are enjoying the Project Quber, reach out, subscribe, follow, share and like us. Looking for more or want to offer your support. Send us an e-mail. 

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